About Us


It all started when...

... Mike & Pete got talking about their love for British hockey.

Mike had been doing some design work for Manchester Phoenix and following the success of the Sons of the Storm campaign (to celebrate 20 years since Manchester Storm’s inception) wanted to set up his own clothing brand.

Pete had been doing… Just about anything you can think of to help out his local hockey clubs from being a mascot to coaching. He'd been working on an equipment brand to develop quality but affordable gear for UK hockey teams at any level.

From these two ideas Victory Hockey was born. 

Giving Back


One of the things we agreed early on was that we wanted to use our apparel to raise money to support British hockey at all levels. 

We'll set aside 10% of everything bought from our store and at the end of each season make a donation to a local charity or club that needs it. By purchasing our products you will get great gear, but also help others in the sport and help grow the game.